Playsmart Academy

The PlaySmart Academy is our flagship youth program that integrates sports and physical fitness with character, life skills and leadership development. The Academy starts with one to two week summer experience for youth and continues throughout the school year with subsequent activities and events.

The Academy is not your typical “summer camp”. Our original branded program provides a curriculum that blends fun and performance for 5th through 8th graders who are looking to excel both on and off the court or field. Centered around the 5 PlaySmart pillars, we teach life-lessons that build a foundation for success where they can build confidence, gain life skills, be exposed to new ideas, see future possibilities for themselves and receive guidance and encouragement from staff members, coaches and other positive adults.

The PlaySmart cities that run an Academy each provide a unique experience for local youth. For more information on the program nearest you, visit your local PlaySmart city.

The Academy curriculum is saturated with PlaySmart’s five pillars, which are used to convey lessons and skills needed for academic and life success.

“Participation in organized sports has both social and physical benefits for young children:
physical, mood and mental health, self-esteem, and promotes positive social effects”

– David Wright, Chairman

The pillars are:

  • respect
  • hard work
  • teamwork
  • honesty
  • sportsmanship

The pillars are taught to the participants through staff and guest speaker presentations, on-field lessons and drills, team play, life skills demonstrations, and experiential activities. It is expected that the youth participants will understand and can provide examples of how these pillars play an important role in achieving success.

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