The Elkhorn Playsmart Leadership Academy students decided to do an AR challenge.  They called it the AR CITY CHALLENGE. (AR stands for a program call Accelerated Reader.  Kids read books and get points for reading books.)

Background Info:
In all 4 middle schools there are roughly 2,000 student combined.  We have schools that have populations of 21% poverty and others that have less than 2% poverty.  Throughout our schools there are 7 different languages being used and as we continue to grow our student population continues to change.  However, the one thing that is a strong part of our culture is learning.

Our PLAYSMART LEADERSHIP ACADEMY kids put together a challenge.

The winning middle school got a trophy and bragging rights for a year.

AR Trophy

All four middle schools combined read 23,688 AR points . We have approximately 2,000 middle school students in our district. This would mean that elkhorn students averaged 12.7 points per student. Which means every kid, of our 2,000 students, read at least one book or more at or above grade level!!!!!!!!!

Here are the totals:
EMS – 3778.7 – 9.13 average per student
ERMS – 4810.8 – 10.7 average per student
EVVMS – 7397.9 – 14.9 average per student
EGMS – 7700.6 – 15.65 average per student

Congrats to Grandview! Trophy will be given to Mr. Tomjack.